Divorcing a narcissist

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Divorcing a narcissist

Příspěvekod Peter Caha » 17 kvě 2022, 16:52

Hi everyone!

Recently I got divorced from my spouse because of her narcissism. I'd like to share what it was like to live with and divorce such a person in this post. Also recently I've read the article about this issue and found a lot of common with our case, so feel free to check it out because I'm not going to reveal it in all the details: https://onlinedivorcer.com/blog/stages-of-divorcing-a-narcissist

When I realized and told her that we need to divorce, she was furious crying "why are you doing this to me" and "how can you leave me?”. My advice is to just stay calm and keep moving towards your goal of getting divorced. There were other unpleasant reactions from her like blaming, bargaining and depression. For that, you have to be patient and do what you must to go through a divorce. Because one day she will come to acceptance and everything will be fine.
Peter Caha
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