How many videos on video sites are prepared

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How many videos on video sites are prepared

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How many videos on video sites are prepared with primitive programs such as Movie Maker!! Most of these videos are not worth anything. On the contrary, it may have damaged the product, commodity, or service that is advertised. Therefore, you must know that your video is your interface, which must be at the height of brilliance and dazzling, to put you in the ranks of professionals.
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Except that it was not properly marketed, and the process does not stop after uploading the video to the various video sites, on the contrary, it starts from this point.
Therefore, the role of the e-marketer comes in terms of creating the video for the search engine of each site, studying the competitors on the same sites for the same product or service, trying to distinguish from them, and choosing an image expressive of the video to appear in the video interface to motivate users to watch it and write a good description of the video that contains important links. And actors and respond to comments well and useful
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And then comes the most dangerous point, which is not to stop at the limits of one video, but to make a series of important videos on the private channel, and then respond to the followers’ requests by making videos that answer their questions and explain what benefits them so that the marketer gets a loyal and continuous follower, which will change in the near future. To a potential customer, then a customer, then a repeat customer.
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