Criminal court case lawyer

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Criminal court case lawyer

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Criminal court case lawyer.
The best lawyer for criminal court cases from our company pleads in all criminal cases such as:
نموذج فسخ عقد عمل
Cases of theft, premeditated and semi-premeditated murder, attempted murder, and the penalty for theft in Saudi Arabia.
Cases of assault, abuse, threat, extortion, defamation and cybercrime.
Cases of traffic accidents causing severe injuries that lead to death.
Cases of embezzlement, bribery, breach of trust, forgery and financial fraud in Saudi Arabia.
Cases of check without balance, commercial concealment, and fraud in Saudi Arabia.
Cases of possession of weapons without a license, their transfer and trafficking, and drug cases.
Drug lawyer.
Drug cases need a drug lawyer who is well versed and able to handle all types of drug cases, most notably:
كاميرات منزل
Take drugs.
drug promotion.
drug possession.
drug trafficking.
The best lawyer in Riyadh for drugs from Al-Dosari Company has long experience in pleading in these cases. Extracting the reasons for innocence in drug cases and appropriate defenses to achieve the best results for clients.
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