As for the required documents

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As for the required documents

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As for the required documents:
There are no specific required papers, but basic data and information are uploaded as an identification card for the person, and for the delivery representative, a copy of the identity card is uploaded, and a condition of at least 18 years of age.

Home delivery service
It is possible that every woman in the house needs to buy tools for the house, or items for the kitchen, and she is not able to go out to buy them, especially if she is from separate places, or it is late and it is difficult to get out, especially in urgent and emergency cases, such as, for example, the illness of a family member who needs treatment from the pharmacy.
توصيل طلبات للمنازل
That is why we have provided not everyone with a delivery service, through which you can buy all orders and from the places you select while you are at home, and it will reach you as soon as possible, also if food is delivered hot and fresh.

Delivery service
If you cannot find a job, are unemployed, and need an adequate income to live on, then the solution is now easy and simple in your hands, which is to download the application of the delivery service, which will help you secure a source of livelihood that will help you in the difficult matters of living.

And if you do not know what you will work for, I would like to let you know simply that your job is to receive the order from the specified place and deliver it to the destination to which delivery is required, and it is usually a home, meaning a home delivery service representative, and your salary will be received with every order that you will receive immediately, meaning you will not wait for the first of the month To take your salary.

Home delivery service
The home delivery service is a service that is provided through an application that is downloaded from the online store, and as soon as you fill in the required data, you will have a page inserted for yourself on it, but if you are a store owner and would like to deal with customers through it and provide your sales and profits, you must first include the store’s website Your account is on Google Map, which will only take you a few minutes
خدمة توصيل طلبات للمنازل
And as soon as you have a place on the map, you will be able to deal with the application easily, as well as you will be able to download all your products and brochures on it, and you will receive orders through it, and you will not need to pay a salary to a delivery representative or something like that, which means that you will save salaries that you do not need to pay, because The program provides a number of experienced delivery representatives, high performance and efficiency.
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