because the idea of the project

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because the idea of the project

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On the Mashroo3i website, we review with you the feasibility studies, costs and labor required for the home delivery project, one of the most profitable projects, because this project is one of the projects that has proven successful in recent years,
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because the idea of the project is to deliver different orders to customers in order to save them time and effort. Also, this project works on completing household tasks, specifically for those who work for long periods and do not have enough time for this, and a large number of people do not know the places that provide them with some of their needs, but the delivery service will provide it for that, this project is suitable for young graduates, and also With the elderly and those who have the desire and ability to work,
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this project is one of the projects that can be practiced besides the basic work to achieve a large additional profit. A feasibility study must be done for the project and the percentage of costs and the percentage of profits must be calculated so that we can succeed in the project. Care must be taken in marketing so that the project is successful and profitable. .
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