The first Saudi state

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The first Saudi state

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The first Saudi state
Muhammad bin Saud: He assumed the emirate after the death of his father, and his mandate coincided with the emergence of Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab. Prince Muhammad bin Saud supported him until he died in the year (1179 AH / 1765 AD), and he was succeeded by his son, Imam Abdul Aziz bin Muhammad bin Saud.
Abdul Aziz bin Muhammad: He is considered one of the most prominent princes of the House of Saud. He ruled for thirty-nine years, and his influence extended to parts of Najd, Al-Ahsa, Al-Qatif, the outskirts of the Levant, Iraq, Yemen, Oman and the Holy Land. He died in 1218 AH / 1803 AD in Al-Tarif Mosque in Al-Diriyah.
Saud bin Abdul Aziz bin Muhammad: He settled down in most parts of the Arabian Peninsula. In the year 1229 AH / 1813 AD, he died in Diriyah.
Abdullah bin Saud: His rule lasted four years, during which the campaigns of the governor of Egypt, Muhammad Ali Pasha, continued, until it reached the borders of Diriyah and besieged it for a whole year. And also the family of Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab, and they were taken to Egypt and from there to Istanbul, where Abdullah bin Saud was killed there in the year 1234 AH / 1818 AD.

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بكم توكيل محامي لإجراء مختلف
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